I’m a designer for visual communications and run an own agency for digital services for more than 15 years. During that time i worked on 372 projects for 73 (almost ; ) happy clients.

I gain lot of experience in fields of classic design jobs, interactive projects, video production, project management and marketing.

YuScale is my full time baby since 2016.

Im born in 1977, studied informatics at the University of Bielefeld and began to work for Lycos Europe in 2001. In 2002 i founded my first company and worked for several companies like Dannemann, Bertelsmann and IBM.

At Gruner+Jahr i worked as an SoftwareArchitect for 3 years, went to the ICANS GmbH as Software Architect as well and become a co-founder at Deck36. 2015 Deck36 merged with Feelgood GmbH to Protofy GmbH and the new startup stadtsalat.de was started. In early 2016 i joined Elbstack where i’m also Co-Founder and working as Software Engineer in several startups like yuscale or appwith.us.

I working together with Kim for 16 years on more than 100 projects.

I am a technics enthusiast and an electronics engineer with a strong expertise in embedded hardware design and software development. I have more than 15 years of experience in the field of embedded hard and software design. One of my projects was NavMe, an offboard GPS navigation system for mobile phones. It was one of the first mobile navigation systems of its kind, combining a ARM7TDMI custom PCB, a phone as well as Internet connectivity for offboard route calculation at a time, when Internet on phones was WAP.

I’m a graduate of Paderborn University and also worked for the University of Paderborn at the ENAS ASE Fraunhofer Institute for several years in the field real time simulation of high frequency control systems. I also gathered expertise in wireless power transfer techniques. YuScale is one of the most interesting projects so far, being both challenging and highly motivative since it’s a system that really makes a difference for people



Company for advanced Food Tracking


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